Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HTC Incredible Review

I have owned an HTC Incredible Droid for over two years. At first I loved the phone. I could read my friends post on Facebook and post to Facebook. I could read and compose both work and personal email. I could listen to music. I could use the GPS to find my way around town. I thought it was great.

I've changed my mind. I still love the GPS. I get lost easily so it is a big help except when it is inaccurate or gives poor directions which it has done. 

I love the music player except that it uses too much space. I had loaded much of my music on the phone only to remove it later. I now use the Google Play which has all my music in the cloud. This is great except I don't dare cache anything to the phone due to space issues. This means it takes a while to load and play music. Sometimes the music will not play at all and sometimes it pauses while it buffers. It also doesn't play where there is little or no reception. This makes it rather useless in the mountains where I like to run the trails. 

What has changed my mind about the phone is the use of space. Though there appears to be plenty of space available on the phone, the operating system continues to warn me that it is low on disk space. The major hogs of space have been the Facebook app, the Yahoo mail app and the Kindle app. I dare not use these apps. It is better to access Facebook and mail through the browser app. The worst part about using up space is that the phone will not receive text messages or voicemails if it thinks there is not enough space. If I don't clear the space on the phone, I will not receive a text message or voicemail until I do. I've gone days without receiving a message. I wondered why someone had not responded for days until I cleared the space and then received several text messages and voicemails. 

The worst thing about the HTC Incredible Droid is that it fails to work as a phone. This is its primary function. I will call someone or receive a call and the person will not hear a word from me. It is silent. I hang up, reboot the phone and then call them again. This fixes the problem, but it should never be a problem. At the very least a phone should function as a phone.

I do not recommend anyone buying or even receiving for a free an HTC Incredible Droid. It is not worth the headaches and frustrations.

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